Carrinho / Caixa

Light Burn, Stress, and Bleaching

When you see the terms “light burn” and “hotspot” they are not referring to temperature, but the actual light amount. Plants, like people, can only process so much light and like people, plants can get sunburned even when it’s cold.

Light burn is easy to tell because the finger of the leaves will curl in and the tips will start dying and are easy to break and crumble off. The leaves will also start looking like they have been bleached pale yellow and even white.

You can confirm your assumption of light burn with two ways: placing your hand over the leaves and feeling how hot (too hot for you = too hot for plants) and you will also only see this issue at the top of the plant.

LED growers cannot use the hand test, however, as LED are too efficient at producing and removing heat. LEDs are also the most notorious for these issues because their lights are so powerful while staying cool deceiving growers into thinking they can keep these lights close.