Delivery & Shipping

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Nirvana Shop is proud to offer world wide shipping to almost every country and all seeds are sent with Nirvana Shop's secret stealth packaging.

We ship worldwide to nearly every country in the world. 

Estimated delivery times after payment is received:

The Netherlands

Usually within 1 or 2 days.


Usually 1 to 6 days.

United States

Usually 4 to 10 days.

Rest of the World

Usually 6 to 14 days.

Are you expecting a package from us and it has not been received in time? Please check if the delivery address you supplied is correct. If you have received mail from an unknown sender from another European country, make sure you inspect it thoroughly. It might contain the seeds you ordered from Nirvana!

When the estimated delivery time to your country has passed, please contact support.

We at Nirvana understand how important privacy is for our customers and we take pride in our stealth shipping method. Not only do we hide the seeds crafty in our sturdy, stealthy packages, we also took the liberty to create a complex shipping route for them. This has increased our delivery success rate and is the reason your packages take a bit longer to arrive.

Nirvana products usually come in an envelope. For product like grow kits we use small and sturdy cardboard boxes. Most of them will fit in your mailbox.

We know you are curious to what your packages looks like, but sadly we cannot show you in advance, because this would compromise our operation!

If you wish to change your delivery address, contact support as soon as possible. Once your order has left our office, we are unable to change your address.

Espero que isso tenha sido útil e responda suas perguntas. Se não, você pode sempre contato mim e fazer suas perguntas diretamente!

~ Alice