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Nirvana Shop accepts multiple payment methods, being Bank transfer, Paper Money (Cash), Crypto Currencies and Credit Card.

If you choose to pay with a Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoins, you will be redirected to our cryptocurrency payment provider. The page will show you the bitcoin address that you need to use for your payment. This is a unique address that is used for your order only.

The payment generally needs to be done within a 15 minute time frame. The reason is that the cryptocurrency values change constantly. After your payment is done, the status of your order will be set to 'paid' automatically (usually within the following 15 minutes).

If a payment is done after the 15 minutes, the payment will still go through but we need to verify the payment manually. This usually happens the same or the next working day.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin Bitcoin
Ether Classic Ether Classic
Litecoin Litecoin
Ethereum Ethereum
Monero Monero
Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash
Zcash Zcash

Choosing Credit as your payment option is fast, easy and secure. All your personal information is encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) during the checkout process. If your credit card or bank doesn't allow foreign transactions, please contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to remove the restriction.

Please do not state the nature of your purchase.

Please note that payment options differ per country and region, which will be presented on checkout.

The details which will appear on your statement will be shown to you after completing the order.

Order are automatically updated to show which part of the process they are in. We will automatically send out an email to let you know. If, by any chance, you have missed this email you could always navigate to your account and open your order history for more information.

List of al statuses:

Waiting for Payment

Waiting for your Payment to arrive at Nirvana Shop

Waiting for Approval

Waiting for Approval of payment by our management team

Waiting for Crypto confirmation

Waiting for Validation of payment by our management team


Your payment has been validated

Packaging department

Your order is currently in our packaging department

Ready to be shipped

Your order is packed and ready to be shipped


Your order has been shipped

Closed (Resent)

Your order has been resend to you

Return in progress

Your order has been returned to us


Your payment is returned


Your order is canceled


A chargeback has been filed by you

On Hold

Your order is put on hold

Payment Error*

A Payment Error has occurred, please try again!

Payment Declined*

Your payment has been declined, please try again!

*Payment Error/Payment Declined are the result of the payment provider throwing an error at random. No need to worry, this simply means the transaction has not been completed. No money is lost and nothing will be charged. You’re safe to try again!

If you feel this is a mistake, feel free to contact our support.

When you choose Bank Transfer as payment option, consider using an internet banking account or visit your local bank to make an international wire transfer. Your bank may charge an additional fee. Bank transfers can take up to 5 days to arrive. Be sure to include your order number in the transfer details so that we can match your payment to your order.

If the bank wire option is not offered during checkout then that means that the total amount of your order is below value of €100.

We are currently unable to accept Bank Transfers from Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iran and Cuba.

The details that will appear on your statement will be shown to you after completing the order.

IMPORTANT NOTE Some banking services like ZELLE, INTERAC or POPMONEY support paying to an e-mail address. We will NOT receive the payment if you send it to our email address.

Bank transfer information:

Account holder name:


Account Number (IBAN):

NL43 INGB 0001 7135 27


INGBNL2A (alternatively INGBNL2Axxx)

Bank address:


888 Bijlmerplein

1102 MG Amsterdam, N-H

The Netherlands


Your order number

Nirvana Shop address:


Munterslaan 4a

2014 KW Haarlem, N-H

The Netherlands

Email address:

Telephone number:

+ 31 88 NIRVANA

Dear loyal customer,

If you have recently paid for your order with a Domestic Bank payment then this message is for you.

This payment has been received by CurrencyFair which was operating as our payment broker. We got notified of your payment and shipped your order.

Unfortunately, CurrencyFair has blocked our account. We got notified that all payments they received in our account will be returned to sender. Currency(un)Fair is not answering our calls, and we are unable to log in into our account with them. This means that we are unable to check if they refunded all payments and if so, if they refunded the full amount.

As you can understand, this came as a shock to us. We have sent out many orders but have not received the payments. This means we are loosing a lot of money.

That is the reason we are writing to you. If you have received a returned payment from CurrencyFair, we would be pleased if you send the payment back to us. Since the Domestic Bank payment was the only viable way for many of you to pay us, we suggest you return the money by mail as follows:

  1. Add the cash money to a sturdy envelope. You can deduct the postal fee from the payment.
  2. Don’t send coins since they can be easily detected.
  3. Write down your name and address on a piece of paper with the message ‘CurrencyFair’ and add that to the envelope.
  4. Add the following address:
    Munterslaan 4a
    2014 KW Haarlem
    The Netherlands
  5. Stamp and send. You can send it as regular mail.

We would really appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Every payment that we receive this way means our loss will be less. Once your payment reaches us, you will receive a voucher which will give you 25% discount on you next order.

You can understand that we're not happy at all about this unprofessional Currency(un)Fair action. I would like to suggest you place a review at: to help to warn others.

Kind regards,
Team Nirvana

Make sure your money cannot be detected by hiding it in for example a greeting card. Only add paper money as coins are easily detected and we want to avoid that your payment gets stolen on the way. Accepted currencies can be found in the table below. Please note: sending cash is at your own risk.

Instructions in 5 steps:

  1. Hide the total amount of your order in a greeting card, so that it will not get detected easily (paper money only)

  2. Add your order number, so that we can match your payment to your order. The order number consists of 8 numbers, starting with #33...

  3. Put the card with the cash in an envelope and seal it. Write the following address on the envelope:
    Munterslaan 4a
    2014 KW Haarlem
    The Netherlands

  4. Write your own address on the envelope, so that your letter can be returned in case something goes wrong

  5. DO NOT use registered mail to send paper money. Unfortunately registered mail with paper money is held by customs and does not reach our office.

Your order will be processed as soon as your payment is received. 

Accepted paper money currencies:

$ US Dollar
Great Britain Pound *
$C CAD Dollar
* Please note that we can only accept GBP banknotes from the Bank of England. Banknotes issued by others banks, like the Royal Bank of Scotland, cannot be accepted.

3DS authentication error

If your payment failed with the message '3DS Authentication Not Completed' or your payment instantly fails without any message at all then please read on.

All new cards from Mastercard or VISA are enabled for 3DS authentication by default, What it means is that an extra layer of security is attached to your card to prevent unauthorized use. So if someone steals your card or card details, an 3DS authentication check prevents use of the card. Our banks always do a 3DS authentication check.

How it works:

After you fill in your card details and hit the pay button, the 3DS authentication check is started. A text message is send to your mobile phone with a code. At the same time you are redirected to a special window where you can add that code. After you successfully added the code the transaction is finalized.

When does it go wrong?

there are a few things where it can go wrong.

  • you fill in the code incorrectly
  • you don't receive that code on your phone

in either case the transction fails

If the code was added wrongly then please try again to pay for your order.

If you don't receive the code on your mobile phone then your phone number is not attached to your card. You need to contact your bank and ask them to add your mobile phone number to your card details. After that is done you can try again.

Espero que isso tenha sido útil e responda suas perguntas. Se não, você pode sempre contato mim e fazer suas perguntas diretamente!

~ Alice

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